Animated Pilots


These are some of the animated pilots that I have worked on.

Based on El Hijo del Santo, the Silver Masked Wrestler, this micro-animated series aired in Mexico in Mexico and Latin America, working as pilot for a series that I wrote and developed at Cartoon Network Studios. It was animated by La Mamá de Tarzán and the opening was done by Hook Up Animation, in Argentina. Copyright © Cartoon Network and El Hijo del Santo, 2004.

A group of misfit robots, led by an absent-minded scientist, try to stop evil Lobato from destroying the world, while trying to keep their “steel” together at the same time! An anime fan homage, and parody, Bobots is a pilot I made for Cartoon Network Latin America. The animation was done by Hook Up Animation, in Argentina. The animation was directed by Omar Hechtenkopf, the art direction was done by Diego Puente and character design by Fernando Sawa. It aired as a series of micro-episodes through Latin America. Copyright © Cartoon Network Latin America, 2006.